Therapy in English

Therapy in English

Hi! My name is Michael Fray, and I am a certified sexologist and couples therapist.

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I am able to provide therapy and counseling in both Danish and English.

Therapy with Michael Fray offers a safe, confidential, and secure space for clients to explore the depths of their emotions and experiences. Clients can discuss anything that is concerning them, and receive support and guidance in order to gain insight into their current state of being. The goal of our therapy sessions is to empower the client to make positive changes in their life by exploring the root causes of their difficulties.

At ProSex we take a comprehensive approach focused on giving each individual the opportunity to develop self-awareness and self-understanding in order to reach their desired outcome. We create an environment where clients feel supported, understood, and respected at all times. This helps to ensure that clients not only get the most out of our sessions but also that they remain motivated throughout the process.

In every session we will work together to identify areas where personal growth needs attention, while always focusing on long-term goals such as increased self-confidence, better communication skills, improved relationships with others, or any other achievement you may have.

Michael specializes in working with adults who struggle with issues such as low self-esteem, those who are recently divorced or going through difficult transitions, those suffering from trauma or post traumatic stress disorder; those dealing with sexual identity issues; or those struggling with kinks and paraphilias; as well as any combination of these issues.

With compassionate listening Michael creates an atmosphere, free from judgment where individuals can openly share stories without fear of criticism. He utilizes evidence based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) combined with person centered therapies such as psychodynamic approaches so that each client’s needs are met individually. By providing a combination of both traditional psychological theories and more contemporary approaches such as mindful meditation he assists clients in reaching a deeper understanding of themselves which in turn leads to personal growth and development.

At ProSex we believe that everyone has potential for greatness within them. Through our psychological services we strive to help every individual reach their highest potential—their best version of self—allowing them find happiness within themselves and set out on a path towards fulfilling lives.


Following services are available:

  • Individual Therapy / sessions
  • Couples Therapy / sessions
  • Sex therapy


Sessions are available in person at my clinic on Frederiksberg / Valby or online via Microsoft Teams.

Call or send SMS to +45 25 11 10 06 for more information or to schedule an appointment or a free 20 minutes preliminary talk.